Nusenu Prince Mawuli

Cape Town, South Africa

I am a Ghanaian artist, born in 1987, and I studied arts, textiles design and technology at tertiary level in Ghana. I move to South Africa in 2012, and I started to explore my art world by adding painting and textiles collage together to form artworks on canvas. I specialize in portrait painting and African print fabric collage on canvas.

My work showcase the influence of African print fabric in our everyday life, and how it represent us all over the world us Africans. Ghana is well known for the production of beautiful African prints and the Kente fabric with bright colors and unique patterns influences my artworks. When I look at a picture I see beautiful colors mix together and I see through every image I look at. What am trying to say in my artwork is that Africa is blessed with a beautiful cultural heritage and colorful traditions.

I use African print fabrics in all my artworks because of the beautiful colors, unique patterns and variety of textures that makes the work stand out. We, as Africans, have stories and messages to tell the world, so we have to say it bold and loud with bright colors. African print fabric to me is our identity, tells our history, and is our heritage and still represents us in the future.

I do portrait in series, depending on the topic that I want talk about, and make sure that the image I choose and the African prints fabric I pick for the work relate and tell the story nicely and in bold colors.

I have a lot of passion for art, I see art as culture and a way of life, and it’s always in world ,all around us.

2010, Diploma in Textiles Design and Technology (HND) at Takoradi Technical, University,Takoradi, Ghana
2005, Visual Art at Adventist High School Kumasi ,Ghana



Workshops and Experiences

2019 This is me 21 emerging artists programme with
City of Cape town, Zeitz MOCCA.

2010 Performance Art School week at
Takoradi Technical University, Ghana

Group Shows 2019

This is me 21 emerging artists programme with
City of Cape town, zeitz MOCCA, Cape Town.

This is me with SA Sendinggestig Museum, with City of Cape Town,
South Africa

Rise art exiibition,Central Library with Patrick tangama curated ,
Cape Town, South Africa.

Heritage day Civic centre,City of Cape Town, with Seemah toefy curated,
City of Cape Town, South Africa.

First Thursday exhibition at Timeless Escape, Cape Town

 Takoradi Technical University, Art school week exhibition,Ghana

Mobile : +27 (0) 83 737 7289
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Social media: Instagram/facebook – Nusenu.P.Mawuli



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