Diane Webb

Cape Town, South Africa

The style is contemporary,  expressive. The work reflects the people of Africa, their stories. The medium is  canvas,  cloth, fabric Collage. Using oil paint, charcoal,  acrylic and fabric, also beads , the work is woven together. 
The style is figurative , not Abstract.  Hard charcoal lines, sometimes black enamel paint give weight to the images. Every piece is unique,  the reference from photographic images of Southern Africa and her people. Vibrant colors, as bold as the markets of Africa are used.The images must confront the viewer without fear.  
The Artist‘s style is uniquely her own, one that has evolved over years of practised,  thousands of hours expressed directly into  canvas. The Art must provoke, with an expressive realism. Rough brushstrokes  juxtapose flat areas of colour and seemingly decorative areas of work.The subjects dictate the treatment,  a talk back to our community. Social Consciousness is called for,  shadows, darkness, then the brightest of figures create a vibrant perspective. 



The work is often frantic, there is no opportunity for calm and rest, this is Art for social responsibility 
The Artist,  Diane Webb 



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