Antonio Capalandanda

Cape Town, South Africa


Antonio Capalandanda is a human rights defender and journalist for online news and radio site Voz da America { Voice of America } in Angola…His work has focused on human rights and political violence in the country, as well as investigation of corruption casas involving public officials.
{ Source ..Frontline Defenders }

He is currently an Asylum Seeker who resides in Cape Town, South Africa.

Extract from: The Routs of my Root
by Antonio Capalandanda

” Without fear to Feel, and surrendering to the existence Drifting in the country

The Eye of my soul is an Ocean  …….. Where Confusion is as precious as Clarity “
” My faith in the City ” Sometimes , I’m scared to be
Because I am what I am looking for As a Life, I’m looking for you And as light, I find Myself In your merciful eyes
I look at Myself I’ve gained Courage to be
I’m waiting for you with hope in the Urban Streetscape