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Our artists


Antonio Capalandanda

Antonio Capalandanda is a human rights defender and journalist for online news and radio site Voz da America { Voice of America } in Angola…His work has focused on human rights and political violence in the country, as well as investigation of corruption casas involving public officials.

Our Artists

Patrick Kantama

Visual artist, writer and curator born in the Democratic Republic of Congo (1976). In my work, I depict a modern Africa, in a futuristic way. My art is influenced by design, architecture and fashion. My work moves away from exoticism and clichéd depictions of Africa.

Nusenu Prince Mawuli

My work showcase the influence of African print fabric in our everyday life, and how it represent us all over the world us Africans. Ghana is well known for the production of beautiful African prints and the Kente fabric with bright colors and unique patterns influences my artworks.

Joel Mamboka Nkumu

My art defends the value of work and the
sense of responsibility through different subjects that are painted in all expressive form, abstract or impressionism. My art are more visualised by the action of a fisherman, dancer and hairdresser. My creations reflect the expression of an engage society.

Diane Webb

The style is figurative , not Abstract.  Hard charcoal lines, sometimes black enamel paint give weight to the images. Every piece is unique,  the reference from photographic images of Southern Africa and her people. Vibrant colors, as bold as the markets of Africa are used.

Zanoxolo Sylvester Mqeku

After two years of architectural design work Mqeku discontinued and went back to the school of art and design. In 2009 he completed two years of introductory art and design studies, his qualification comprised of Painting, Graphic Design, Photography, Sculpture, Ceramic design,
Drawing and Art Theory.


Ayanda Ndamane

Full-time senior staff photographer and curator at the African News Agency (ANA). Armed only with a camera and lens without adequate PPE – you only have a mask and hand sanitsers, makes it even more difficult. But, you want to get the message across and also help disadvantaged people as much as you can.  That is my job as a photographer covering Covid-19!

Photo credit:  African News Agency  (ANA)

Poetry & Literature

Oswald Kucherera

Oswald Kucherera is a Zimbabwean born poet, writer and activist currently residing in Cape Town. He is the author of the best selling novella, The Exodus Down South (2016), Washing Dishes and Other Stories (2018), and he is anthologized in a Black Consciousness Poetry anthology, Sleeping Giant Awakes. His works have been published online by the FunDza Literacy Trust and the Centre for the Book.